Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We've made some improvements to our mobile UI related to sessions that aims to make the experience better.
Cards now display full screen
When viewing a session card, it now displays in full screen, without any space around it. You close it by clicking X now instead of clicking the background.
Role Picker
The role picker now slides up from the bottom instead of being a smaller popup box, making it easier to see.
We've disabled the ability to resize/rescale the page of mobile, to make it more user friendly and consistent.
Bookmarking Improvements
We've improved the manifest file used when you bookmark Hyra on mobile. When book marking Hyra on iOS, it will now feel almost like a native app.
Calendar Arrows
We've improved the way the arrows on the session calendar appear on mobile to avoid them being cut off.
Session logs
Session logs have been moved to a fold away section that can be opened or closed. Session logs are also now socket based, meaning you will see changes in near real-time.
Other improvementsThat's all for this week! :)
We've upgraded our OpenAPI Specification, found at to 3.0, and switched the Authentication out from API Key to Bearer Authentication to improve clarity.
This updates makes way for new documentation coming soon.
This Week's Bugs Fixed
Years Old On Birthday
If the person's birth year has been recorded on Hyra, we will now show the age of the person next to their birthday on the
Disable Co-Host
You can now disable the co-host option from your sessions on Hyra. Simply head over to Settings > Sessions > Select your session > Disable Co-Host
Bug Fixes
We've fixed the following bugs:
Department Column
We've introduced the ability to see everyone's departments on views. Along with this change, you can also now filter and sort by departments.
Unknown Filters
You can now filter by if a property is
on fields that support it.
We've fixed the functionality where you could not add the Picked Up By user when you completed an order using our Lua module.
When you run
on the Lua module, if you pass the
parameter, this will now be correctly sent to Hyra's API.
We've introduced a brand new API endpoint that allows you to retrieve and update your Workspace name, colour theme and week start date.
For full API reference, please visit
We're delighted to announce our new and revamped homepage, which has been entirely redesigned and rebuilt based on feedback from customers and Hyra staff.
The new website allows us to showcase all of our features and pricing, without the need for docs sites or the help centre.
The changelog has been centralised, and is now accessible on the web!
We've added our live chat to the website so you can chat to support and sales before logging in.
Our heavily requested Order Logging feature is now in public beta!
This feature allows you to record and view order logs in real time, showing the status of where an order is at in your game.The Order Logging permission can now be enabled in the Workspace Admin. Once enabled, refresh the page and a Players tab will appear on the side navigation.
We hope you enjoy this feature!